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Our Savoir-faire

Pure, natural, soft & sophisticated, our cashmere garments offer effortless elegance and timeless style for everyday living. No machine has the sensitivity of human touch & sight; all our garments are hand knitted in the family-oriented workplace in Mauritius who has been crafting knitwears for decades. Our company uses only the finest yarn from Loro Piana, Italy.

Our Craft

Our commitment to no blends resulting in more sustainable and non-allergic cashmere garments. None of our Cashmere garments are mass-produced and every step of the design process has been specialized to focus on details and craftsmanship. You can rest assured that you are purchasing a product that is designed and hand-crafted to last.

Our Company

Cashmere Polo Club shall always be fundamentally different. All our cashmere garments are sold on a weight basis depending on size, gauge, and ply. Our quality control process involves our garments being meticulously examined, measured, and checked to ensure it meets all our standards. Our exclusive women and men’s collections are sought after for their enduring classic styling with a modern twist.
No child labor is involved in the entire production process. Cashmere Polo club supports equal employment opportunities and gender equality.

''Quality and sustainability remain our core focus and we take pride in our conquest for excellence.”

– Founder D.Jusrut.

A family-owned business and love for exquisite pure cashmere. The passion and dedication of a man for luxury cashmere and a great fan of the “Polo Game”. Trading and gaining knowledge in the cashmere industry since the 90's, Mauritian born D.Jusrut has never ever looked back since. He explored the world in search for the most sustainable, natural, and luxury cashmere yarn.

Cashmere Polo Club
Cashmere Polo Club

During his quest he discovered and fell in love with the exclusive “LVMH” owned “Loro Piana yarn” and created his own label Cashmere Polo Club in 2001, with a unique weight based selling policy ensures that you only pay for what your garment weighs.

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